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FOODCARE Food Industry Hand Cleanser

FOODCARE Food Industry Hand Cleanser. Product available in: 1 Litre Fliptop


Foodcare liquid hand cleansing lotion has been developed to meet the specific requirements of the food industry.

Foodcare contains an effective bactericide, is perfume-free and will not taint foodstuffs.

Foodcare is formulated from a blend of synthetic cleaning agents with natural vegetable extract and neutral surfactant’s.

Foodcare does not contain harmful solvents or abrasives.

A very effective cleaning action is made possible without the ‘de-fatting’ of the skin which may result in dry or tender hands.

Foodcare is highly concentrated and only a small amount is required to produce a rich lather.

Foodcare is also a multi-purpose hand lotion and will remove oil, grease, food colouring and food matter from the skin.

Foodcare contains Irgasan Dp300 which is effective against gram positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Foodcare may be used via a dispenser or directly from a bottle.