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BOXER Heavy Duty Beaded Hand Gel

BOXER Heavy Duty Beaded Hand Gel. Product available in: 2.5 Litre Tub, 5 Litre Bucket


Boxer has been developed for use in areas where a maximum action hand cleaner is required.

Boxer is a blend of surfactants, emulsifiers and bacticides, combined with skin kind emollients and fine graded polypropylene granules, designed to gently abrade the skin surface without causing irritation.

Boxer goes to work quickly, cutting through grease and grime, being highly effective on tar, printers ink, paint and many other types of soiling.It blends into a water soluble gel which will not clog drains or sink traps.

Boxer is ideal for use in garages, factories, workshops, machine shops, printers rooms or wherever a high powered hand cleaner is required.

The wall mounted bracket and pump are available separately for use with a 2.5 litre tub.