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SAFE SOAK Cellulose Oil Absorbent Granules

SAFE SOAK Cellulose Oil Absorbent Granules. Product available in: 6kg Bag


Safe soak is a recycled cellulose granulate which has been modified to be a fire retardant, conforming to BS 476 Part 7: 1987.

Safe soak is suitable for absorbing light oils and aqueous liquids (non aggressive chemicals) in such areas as factory floors, workshops, engineering & maintenance, fuel depots and paint stores. Use directly from bag or spill container as a loose absorbent.

Ideally pour around the perimeter of the spilt liquid to contain the spill.

Safe soak is capable of dealing with most weak acids and alkalis but it should not be used on concentrations above 15%.

Distribute more product across the surface area and work into the spill and allow a few minutes for absorption.

Sweep up and dispose in an environmentally acceptable manner.