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SABRE Synthetic Coolant

SABRE Synthetic Coolant. Product available in: 5 Litre Container 15 Litre Drum 210 Litre Drum


Sabre is a water soluble machine coolant, combined with a blend of top quality safe solvents and high pressure lubricating compounds. Sabre contains an effective rust inhibitor and active anti-bacterial agents which prevent rancidity.

Sabre is ideal for all forms of machining including lathe cutting, milling, boring, shaping, drilling, jig boring and is suitable for high speed auto and multi auto turning. Sabre needs no replacing, simply top up spillage and evaporation shortage.

Sabre is non-toxic, bio-degradable, non-flammable, gives extended tool life and better finishes to components. Sabre may be diluted with clean tap water. Not to be used on magnesium.