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REVOLUTION High Speed Chain Lubricant

REVOLUTION High Speed Chain Lubricant. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Revolution is a blend of high specification lubricants, especially developed for high speed applications.

Revolution has excellent anti-fling properties, allowing the product to work at exceptional speeds.

Revolution has a special foaming action that penetrates inaccessible areas, also leaving residual lubrication.

Revolution is suitable for all types of chains including ‘O’ ring chains found on excavation machines, site equipment and motor vehicles. Revolution will not drip or fling off even the fastest moving chains, such as those found on motorcycles.

Revolution can also be used on tail lift mechanisms, fork lift and hand lift trucks.

Revolution is extremely hard wearing and will ensure that chains remain pliable and protected from moisture and other contamination.

Revolution is temperature stable up to 200°C and capable of working at very high peripheral speeds.