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REGAL Cold Galvinsing Coating

REGAL Cold Galvinsing Coating. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Regal’s zinc coating has been developed for cold galvanising of welded fabrications and metal structures which would corrode rapidly if not protected. Regal is ideal for galvanising pipework or steelwork which has had to be welded or treated because of modification.

Regal can be used to re-galvanise safety railing and fencing where the original coating is deteriorating through wear or ageing. Regal is touch dry in 15 - 30 mins and temperature stable up to +250°C. Regal does not flake or chip, dis-colour or abrade off easily.

Regal can be used as an undercoat for normal painting on steel, cast iron or wood. Regal can be used on fences, gates, scaffolding, metal windows and door frames, pipework, boilers, air conditioning systems, guttering, agricultural equipment and metal roofs.