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NOVUS Rust Converting Liquid

NOVUS Rust Converting Liquid. Product available in: 1 Litre Fliptop


Novus is a solution of organic solvent, a highly purified reactive grade of tannic acid, along with other synthetic additives.

In contact with rust it reacts with the iron oxides to form an insoluble blue-black complex which binds together the rust and ‘passitives’ the metal surface, thus making further rusting improbable and providing a good surface on which to apply a protective coating.

Novus is recommended for use on all rusted iron or steel surfaces prior  to painting or repainting.

It is especially recommended where the metal surface is open to attack from corrosive liquids and gases such as steelworks, gas holders, marine, chemical plant, etc.Novus is ready for use and should be applied to the surface with a hard brush to assist penetration.

Surface treatment can be carried out on damp surfaces  and during light drizzle, but heavy rain will remove the coating before reaction is possible.

The coating will dry under normal conditions in one or two hours but reaction will be completed in twelve to twenty four hours