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NEW SAFETY TREAD Oil Absorbent Granules

NEW SAFETY TREAD Oil Absorbent Granules. Product available in: 15kg Bag


New Safety Tread is a natural mineral, refined and milled to produce a fine, highly absorbent granule, designed not only to absorb spilled oil or solvents, but to draw out impregnated oil from concrete, tarmac or composition flooring.

New Safety Tread out performs all market equivalent products and will not mud or slip even when totally saturated. New Safety Tread is safe to use, being non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and virtually dust free.

New Safety Tread is approved by MOD: approval number (0474/7930-99/224-074) and is recommended for use in garages, filling stations, workshops, or wherever solvent or oil spillage may cause a safety hazard.