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DRILUBE Dry Film Lubricant

DRILUBE Dry Film Lubricant. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Drilube is recommended for use when a dry lubrication system is required, particularly when high temperature is a factor. The tough, durable, flexible, matt grey coating is touch dry in a few minutes and is completely cured and ready for use in 20 minutes.

Drilube protects components from corrosion while in stock or transit. It is ideal for the lubrication of rollers, shafts, chains, gears or any moving part where a wet lubricant is undesirable.

Drilube is ideal in the paper processing industry, flour mills, cement works and sand quarries.Drilube is recommended for all types of locks, where powdered graphite tends to block movement. Drilube is heat stable up to +440°C, is chemically resistant and safe on plastic, rubber and metals.