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CLEARGARD Clear Protective Coating

CLEARGARD Clear Protective Coating. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Cleargard is a solution of thermoplastic copolymers, which provide a tough clear protective coating.

Cleargard is ideal for the protection of mechanical or electrical components which are housed externally and are therefore exposed to the elements.

Cleargard will not yellow or tarnish and is resistant to alkalis, acids, water, steam and most solvents.

Cleargard will protect a wide range of surfaces and prevent oxidation of metals including brass, copper, steel and aluminium, combating rust and corrosion.

Cleargard is also ideal for protecting drawings, blueprints, maps and electrical circuits and installations.

Cleargard is highly flexible and will protect against the ingress of damp in wiring, HT leads, connectors, distributor caps, coils or starters.