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CITRASOLV Safe Solvent Degreaser

CITRASOLV Safe Solvent Degreaser. Product available in: 5 Litre Container


Citrasolv has been formulated to assist a number of applications, including use as a general purpose degreaser. Citrasolv is effective for removal of built up carbon deposits and very effective as a mould cleaner and degreaser.

Citrasolv has been proven to be extremely effective for the removal of adhesive labels and for removing glue residue left behind. Citrasolv has a high flash point and for container packaging and labelling purposes is not classified as flammable. A high W.E.L. (Working Exposure Level) makes the product safer than most similar solvents.

Citrasolv has a slow evaporation rate giving the product time to penetrate heavy deposits of grease or carbon and can be simply wiped away. Once clean no residue is left behind.