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AXIS COPPER High Temp. Copper Anti-Seize

AXIS COPPER High Temp. Copper Anti-Seize. Product available in:500ml Aerosol 12.5 Kilo Tub


Axis Copper is a specially formulated metallic compound, blended with extreme pressure lubricants designed to withstand both high and low temperatures. Axis Copper will not dry, harden or erode, even under extreme conditions including ice, snow and salt water.

This product is effective as a grease at a constant temperature of  +150°C, intermittent temperatures of +230°C, and as an anti-seize at temperatures of up to +800°C. Axis Copper has excellent lubricating qualities, lengthening the life of nuts, bolts, screws, shackle pins, wheel and exhaust manifold studs.

This product is ideal for use on boiler components, steam vessels, kilns and incinerators. Axis Copper will reduce friction wear and prevent seizure, corrosion and pitting. Axis Copper contains no silicones and is safe on most plastics and metals.