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AXIS ALUMINIUM Anti-Seize Compound

AXIS ALUMINIUM Anti-Seize Compound. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Comprising of synthetic lubricants and aluminium powders, Axis Aluminium is a metallic compound blended with extreme pressure lubricants designed to withstand both high and low temperatures. Axis Aluminium will not dry out and will remain stable even under extreme pressure, preventing metal to metal contact thereby reducing wear, extending component life and reducing replacement and service downtime costs.

Axis Aluminium contains no silicones or lead and is safe on all metals, most plastics, rubber and is resistant to water, steam, ice and snow. Axis Aluminium can be used on U -bolts, hinge pins, manifold studs, exhaust fittings, brake linkages, boiler fittings and steam vessels, reducing friction and preventing corrosion and pitting.

This product is effective as a grease at a constant temperature of +150°C, intermittent temperatures of +230°C and as an anti-seize at temperatures up to +600°C.