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AWAX Removable Anti-Corrosion Coating

AWAX Removable Anti-Corrosion Coating. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Awax has been developed as an anti-corrosion coating which is simple to apply and is easily detected.

Awax contains moisture displacers combined with a UV stable pigment designed to protect exposed metals. Awax sprays on thinly, then thickens rapidly to create a wax film which may be used on wet or dry surfaces, giving a durable finish which is water, steam, acid and alkali resistant.Awax is safe to use on all metals and can be easily removed with Aztec’s ‘Task’ heavy duty degreaser.

Awax is recommended for use onexposed plant machinery, newly machined metals or as a permanent anti-corrosion coating on enclosed bodywork or box section metals.