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AQUA-BOND Waterproof Epoxy Putty

AQUA-BOND Waterproof Epoxy Putty. Product available in: 7inch waterproof putty


Aqua-Bond is a speciality epoxy putty that mixes in one minute to provide fast, permanent repairs to damp, wet areas and underwater applications. It may be applied underwater in either fresh or salt water and will bond tenaciously to substrates such as fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramics and glass.

Aqua-Bond comes in a handy rod form with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting colour base material. It’s putty-like consistency eliminates drips and runs, providing “no mess” application with no tools required to use.

After final cure, Aqua-Bond may be drilled, sawn, tapped, filed, sanded and painted. It allows patching in areas where welding is impossible.