MAGNAPATCH Resin Repair Patch

MAGNAPATCH Resin Repair Patch. Product available in: 15cm x 7.5cm Patch


Magnapatch is a moldable glass reinforced fibre polymer sheet that is easily applied to a multitude of repair applications.

Magnapatch can be cut or shaped to fit and will adhere to the contours of most surfaces, remaining soft and pliable until fully cured.

Magnapatch is a light reactive compound that cures by exposure to UV light. Curing time is between 5-40 minutes dependant on UV levels.

Once cured is immensely strong, virtually rot proof, resists weathering, acids and solvents, and is vastly superior to normal GRP in resisting decay from UV.

Virtually no shrinkage and minimum wastage, can be drilled, sanded and painted.

Magnapatch is much safer than conventional glass fibre because glass fibre particles cannot escape during application or curing.