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PROCESS GREASE Food safe Grease Lubricant

PROCESS GREASE Food safe Grease Lubricant. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Process Grease is a blend of greases designed to avoid food contamination, whilst lubricating food production or processing equipment.

Process Grease is ideal for use on rollers, sprockets, plungers, cams, casters, gears, cogs, slide ways, guide rails and stirrups.

Process Grease will not turn rancid or taint foods, will resist wash off by water or steam pressure and does not sling off fast moving parts.

Process Grease is non-tainting, non-toxic, heat stable, and silicone free.

Process Grease is suitable for use where a long lasting semi-viscous grease lubricant is required.

Process Grease contains ingredients meeting 1 or more of FDA 178.3620(b)/FDA 178.3570.