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MULTIGLASS Pipe Repair Bandage

MULTIGLASS Pipe Repair Bandage. Product Available 2” x 5ft - Suitable for 1½" pipes 3” x 9ft - Suitable for 3" pipes 4” x 15ft- Suitable for 6" pipes


Multiglass withstands high pressures up to 600psi Repairs of leaking fittings, joints, radiator pipes, sink drains, frost damaged pipes.

Repairs cracks in lead and cast iron.Withstands hot and cold temperatures up to 646°C

Strengthens corroded steel pipes cracked cast iron pipes or crushed lead pipes.

Repair in situ - no disassembly.

No tools required.

No special expertise required.

Can join pipes of different diameters.

Non-hazardous and non-toxic.

Can join different materials (e.g. copper to lead).

Can be painted (single coat coverage).