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LOGIC Silicone+PTFE Lubricant

LOGIC Silicone+PTFE Lubricant. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Logic is suitable for most types of general lubrication.

Logic sprays and dissipates throughout mechanisms before setting to a long lasting grease like coating.

Logic is ideal for the lubrication of inaccessible or difficult to reach areas. It’s water-like consistency enables it to run into such areas before setting into a grease like compound which remains in place for long periods.

Logic is recommended for use on door locks, coin mechanisms, windows, padlocks, hinges and gates, which are likely to seize up due to lack of use or infrequent lubrication. Logic is impervious to freezing water and heat stable from -30°C  to +180°C, therefore being ideal for the lubrication of external parts or equipment exposed to extremes of cold or heat.