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HYPERSOLV Fast Evaporating Solvent Cleaner

HYPERSOLV Fast Evaporating Solvent Cleaner. Product available in: 500ml Aeroso l5 Litre Container 15 Litre Tin 210 Litre Tin


Hypersolv is an environmentally formulated solvent cleaner designed to evaporate quickly after application.Hypersolv has high solvency power which enables it to penetrate and dissolve organic matter such as grease, grime, oil and carbon based deposits.

Hypersolv may be used to degrease electrical and mechanical parts quickly yet safely.

Electricity should however be disconnected prior to application and Hypersolv should be allowed to evaporate prior to reconnection, ensuring that the area is free from vapour before doing so. Hypersolv is safe on most surfaces including metals, glass, many plastics and painted surfaces.Evaporation rate: FastSolvency rate: High