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CIRCUIT+ Contact Cleaner with Lubricant

CIRCUIT+ Contact Cleaner with Lubricant. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Circuit+ safely cleans all forms of electronic and electrical equipment, leaving surfaces clean and moisture free.

Circuit+ has a long term WEL (Workplace Exposure Level) of 600ppm, making it safer to use than many solvents on the market.

Circuit + can be used on most surfaces and will not affect printed circuit boards, most plastics or painted surfaces.

Circuit+ is non-corrosive and can be used to clean computer and printer parts, typewriters, video and recording equipment, delicate switch gear, televisions and signaling mechanisms, flushing away all unwanted residues.

Circuit+ leaves a light oil film over components which helps to protect them against moisture contamination. Circuit+ is not suitable for contact with polystyrene.

When using Circuit+, all electric motors and power switches should be turned off.

Solvency power: Gentle

Evaporation rate: Fast