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RAPIDE Skin Sanitiser

RAPIDE Skin Sanitiser. Product available in: 50ml c/w Belt Clip, 500ml Fliptop, 500ml Pump Action, 1 Litre Fliptop


Rapide is a skin sanitiser capable of killing an extremely wide range of bacteria with a kill rate of 99.9% of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

Rapide is a must in food preparation areas and processing sites, laboratories, hospitals, kitchens and other areas of personal hygiene.

Rapide acts quickly and protects for over 3 hours after it is applied. Rapide will not taint food and does not leave your hands sticky after use.

The combination of emollients and conditioners allow it to be used frequently without being detrimental to the skin.

Rapide contains denatured Ethyl Alcohol and Irgasan DP 300 giving a proven effectiveness against bacteria, at the same time meeting the stringent demands on the food industry & medical field.