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MYKON Anti-Foam Solution

MYKON Anti-Foam Solution. Product available in: 15 Litre Container, 210 Litre Drum, 1000 Litre IBC


Mykon is a mineral based hydrocarbon oil, specifically developed for the reduction of foam in a variety of industries, including waste water treatment, paints, textiles, paper and any area where detergents can cause foaming.

Foam can cause a range of operating difficulties on any production process and can cause expensive downtime involved with clearance.

From an aesthetic point, foam on rivers and waterways can look unsightly and give the general public the impression that there are high levels of pollution, although in most cases the foam is not hazardous.

Mykon is extremely effective and economic to use.

We recommend that the product is used through a metered dosing pump, with neoprene seals.

The dose rates of Mykon are dependant on the scale of the foam problem.

Therefore it is extremely difficult to calculate a dosage rate for general use.

With a dose pump set to the lowest setting and the product drip fed into the final flow, calculations can be visually based on foam reduction.

However, a typical urban waste water treatment works, with an outflow of approximately 40 megalitres per day, would use 21ml of Mykon per megalitre of outflow, per day. Equating to 306.6 litres of Mykon per annum.