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TITAN Polyurethane Expanding Foam Sealer

TITAN Polyurethane Foam Sealer. Product available in: 700ml Aerosol


Titan is a high density polyurethane foam which expands on exit from the aerosol and cures on contact with the atmosphere.

Titan has very high sealing, adhesion and insulation properties. It can be used on almost any surface and is ideal for filling gaps in brickwork, sectional buildings etc.

Can also be used for leaking roofs and draught protection. When cured Titan can be cut, sawn, drilled or painted and is vermin proof.

Titan has a safe fire classification rating of B1 and conforms to DIN 4102- part 1 and European Standard PREN 1366 part 4.

Titan will seal around windows and door frames, skirting boards, sinks and baths. Having high adhesion qualities wallboards, insulating boards, wood and floor boards can be securely stuck.

Titan can be used for inaccessible areas, having a specially designed nozzle that can be used at any angle.

Titan provides approx 30 litres of expanded high density foam insulation from a 700ml aerosol at 20°C.