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LIQUID ROD Drain Blockage Treatment

LIQUID ROD Drain Blockage Treatment. Product available in: 1 Litre Bottle 2.5 Litre Bottle


Liquid Rod has been developed for the easy removal of blockages, caused by organic matter such as hair, paper, sanitary toweling, waste food residues, rags and grease in drains, toilets and pipes, thus eliminating the need for costly rodding.

Liquid Rod has a specific gravity of 1.8 (SG of water =1). It therefore sinks rapidly to the bottom of the drain and is carried to the blockage.

Liquid Rod reacts chemically, exothermically melting solidified grease and fat. It will also free ice blockages from frozen pipes.

Liquid Rod is safe on most plastics and ceramic drains. Liquid Rod is reactive for approximately twenty minutes.