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ICE FOE Ice Melt Granules

ICE FOE Ice Melt Granules. Product available in: 10kg Bucket, 25kg Bucket


Ice Foe works at least 8 times faster than rock salt in the first 30 minutes at -20°C. Ice Foe is designed for use on pathways, driveways, steps, car parks, as well as loading platforms, railway points, manhole covers, or wherever ice creates a problem.

Ice Foe penetrates ice, breaking its bond to the surface. It also keeps working long after traditional ‘ice-melters’ have stopped.

Ice Foe prevents melted ice from re-freezing, eliminating the formation of a hazardous water film.

Ice Foe melts down to -59°C and dissolves completely without trace.

Unlike rock salt it does not leave white or muddy deposits. Used as directed, Ice Foe will not damage footpaths, road surfaces or vehicle bodies and finishes.

It will not dis-colour boots, shoes or damage carpeting from foot traffic.

Ice Foe’s uniform particles spread easily for complete coverage.