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HYDROTEC Water Proofer

HYDROTEC Water Proofer. Product available in: 5 Litre Tin


Hydrotec has been developed to keep out unwanted water, while allowing moisture vapour to penetrate through treated surfaces.

Hydrotec is highly versatile and will moisture proof a wide variety of substrates including stone, brick, tile and wood.

Virtually any porous surface will benefit from this highly effective treatment, preventing the ingress of moisture and the harsh pollutants of the modern environment. Hydrotec is easy to apply and may be sprayed or brushed onto the desired surface.

To ensure a complete barrier, a second coat is advisable, allowing at least 8 hours between applications.

Hydrotec penetrates the surface and once cured forms a barrier against moisture which is invisible on almost all surfaces.

Hydrotec is economical and the first coat will cover approximately 5 square metres per litre and subsequent coats will increase to 10m per litre.

Always remove over spray from glass or plastics whilst Hydrotec is still wet using thinners or white spirit.

Hydrotec penetrates the surface and will therefore waterproof long after initial surface beading has gone, giving many years of protection and piece of mind.