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HANDYMAC Tarmac Repair Compound

HANDYMAC Tarmac Repair Compound. Product available in: 25kg Bucket


Handymac is ideal for repairing cracks, depressions and broken areas of any size, shape or depth in Tarmac, asphalt and concrete.

Preparation prior to repair is minimal. For optimum results standing water/oil/loose debris should be removed from the area.Handymac is not affected by extremes of temperature (-40°C to +60°C) and is unaffected by snow, ice, frost, or rain at the time of the repair or subsequently.

Handymac applies well to metal and is suitable for installation/reinstatement around drains, manholes, etc.

Handymac is formulated to withstand heavy and continuous traffic impact from the moment of repair for many years.

Handymac has great adhesion, does not contract, has no liquid aggregate separation and remains flexible throughout cure time which is dependant on traffic weight, temperature, etc.

There is no fire, safety or health hazard associated with Handymac.

Handymac should be stored at temperatures above 10°C and for ease of use be maintained above zero temperatures until applied. Handymac will give approximate coverage of 2 metres  x  20mm per 25kg.