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GOTCHA Anti-Climb Paint

GOTCHA Anti-Climb Paint. Product available in: 5 Litre Tin


Gotcha is an anti-climb paint designed as a deterrent to intruders.

Gotcha remains soft and slippery and contains a semi-permanent identifying agent which is difficult to remove from the skin and almost impossible to remove from clothing. 

Gotcha is ideal for use on railing tops, drain pipes, gutters, wall tops and fences.

Gotcha will deter birds from landing.

Gotcha is not recommended for surfaces which are subject to daily use or are easily reached accidentally.

Gotcha contains a specially built-in detector, which, by means of a simple tests will identify intruders even though they  have removed any visible signs of Gotcha  from their person. 

A Warning Sign should be displayed where Gotcha is used.