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CONCEPT Brick and Concrete Cleaner

CONCEPT Brick and Concrete Cleaner. Product available in: 5 Litre Container 15 Litre Container


Concept is a highly concentrated blend of acids and wetting agents designed for the easy removal of mortar stains and dis-colouration from brick and concrete surfaces.

Concept can be used on any type of brick, stone or concrete, completely removing cement wash from walls, pathways and machinery such as concrete mixers, chutes, tamping boards, shuttering and hand tools. Concept can be used for the removal of spilled plaster or artex.

Concept can be diluted up to 10-1 with water and simply brushed on to the selected area. When used in a dilute form, Concept will clean terrazzo, marble and quarry tile flooring. Concept is also ideal for etching concrete floors prior to painting.