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APEX Weather Proof Roof Coating

APEX Weather Proof Roof Coating. Product available in: 5 Litre Tin


Apex is recommended for weather proofing all types of roofing. It contains bitumastic and elastromeric compounds which will withstand thermal expansion and contraction.Apex is easy to apply. Simply brush away dirt, shale or residual water.

Apply in even strokes to the desired area, paying particular attention to larger cracks or tears in the surface.

Apex will repel the ingress of moisture and has a high fibrous content which is resistant to standing water. Apex is self priming.

One coat is usually sufficient for weatherproofing shaled  or perforated roofs.

For large holes place a piece of sacking over pierced area and apply a second coat of Apex.

Apex is suitable for use on any roof surface including slate, tile, felt, metal or bitumen and will not  run off even steeply pitched surfaces.

Apex is also recommended for use on rain gullies and down spouts.